Dan Poll Automotive Art

Hello, I'm Daniel Poll, Nick Poll's son.

After lots of encouragement from friends and family, my parents and I thought I may be able to make the most of what I'm good at — drawing — to help towards the costs of my university course.

I've put together a little website with information and plenty of pictures, which can be found here: http://danpoll.daportfolio.com/

Seeing as I share my dad's interest for microcars, enjoy drawing them, and am familiar with the microcar world and some of the people in it, I was wondering if I may be allowed to place a little advert for my drawings with a link to my site in your club magazine (and maybe a link on the website too, if you allow that sort of thing)? Yes, of course — excellent artwork -Ed)

Published in Take Off, May 2011, Volume 2011, No. 2