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A Visit to the New Bubblecar Museum

he last six weeks have been a total loss to a foot infection preventing me from doing pretty much anything. Very frustrating as I have a lot to do.

Two-stroke Dispensers

Avery Hardoll: Shell-branded 2-Stroke premix dispenser.Avery Hardoll: Shell-branded 2-Stroke premix dispenser.

or many years I have owned a garage forecourt portable two-stroke dispensing pump given to me by Basil Seaney. These items follow a roughly standard design. They have about a two gallon capacity tank with a pump mechanism mounted on top which you depress to dispense a measured shot of the oil down a pipe with a sprung loaded nozzle. The better ones do not dribble and most come with suitable decals and paint to match the oil company whose product they purport to dispense.

Having had one of these dispensers I can only report that I would not be without one as you have a good container into which you can store all the loose ends and bargain two-stroke you can collect in travelling around or at autojumbles. This is far better than a stack of sticky bottles tumbling about. The dispensing is easy, either direct to the car or into a suitable container to carry in the car. To cap the whole thing you have an appreciating interesting bit of automotive heritage in use rather than as a static exhibit.

Sarge on, so NAF off

Sarge: complete with bird droppingsSarge: complete with bird droppings

he garage now has a new resident plucked out of the stash and to be put onto the road for me to use. In the end I chose not to use NAF as it required quite a bit of work to reach a roadworthy condition and so plumped for Sarge.

Sarge was found by Wynford Jones but passed on to me reasonably quickly some four years ago when I was buying up good unmolested cars before the latest hike in 'schmitt prices. It is another car that has remained much as is it was when use ended in the early '70s. The history is thin but it came from long dry stored female ownership in London, SE25, and is a pretty standard late spec 1961 dometop car. It is not 100% original in its equipment having gained a left hand floor mounted rod gear change. The body however is in a pretty solid state with a good floor. The door has a rather poor edge, not uncommon. The wings are a little distressed but not at all bad. In all it will consolidate for a few years service as it is with some work on the paint/rust spots. Thereafter it will be a simple and satisfying restoration project.

The Final Chapter?

he red and black car managed to play yet another googly before it is sold. It was all prepared to be supplied to its new owner with new tyres, extras as requested and running well on the viewing at Christmas time. As seems the way with deals these days two months later and the balance money was ready to clinch the deal. So out to the car only to find it would not start forwards. Perfect backwards. It would bump start forwards but no dynastart action. Great!

Nice to look at: and finally all sorted outNice to look at: and finally all sorted out

So in with a circuit tester. Ignition switch fine and relay clicking. Dynastarter leads off and a direct check of the dynastart can be made using the marked thick leads thus:

B2/D+ joined to HE/92l with clamp/baby mole grip. B1/92+ to battery negative. A/30b can be touched to the battery positive terminal. The dynastarter should rotate forwards.
B1/92+ is now joined to HE/92l and clamped. B2/D+ becomes the negative lead and once again touch A/30b to the positive and the dynastarter should spin backwards.

Pressing Issues

oodness me Chrimbo and New Year beckon. Much good work done for MEC and elsewhere in tricky times but big shadows loom over where I am yet to settle to live in gloomy hard economic times ahead. In previous economic hard times Messerschmitts humbly offered their cheap motoring capabilities to the enthusiasts that owned them. I wonder if they can still do this now the capital costs of owning and restoring them has moved out of the pocket of those who might struggle to buy modern reliable transport instead.

AGM Date

he summer has zoomed past in a haze of heat and we anticipate the closed season soon to be upon us. Not that there needs to be a closed season with activities and year round free tax and classic insurance along with quite a few events. More important though is to look at your workshop facilities and winter projects so as to get ready before it gets too late in the year to get work done in comfort. He who works in the depths of winter is the one who gets ahead.

The 'Road Going' Car

rogress on the 'schmitt front has been sporadic as the need to do other tasks continues to push the time available into a few hours here and there. Not least in this has been the realisation that I still have far too much junk laying about not being used and getting in the way. While the studio and workshop can be entered and used again it has revealed projects and stock replaced in the roll call of urgency of removal. Having gained space and funds for stuff I no longer want the process is now addictive and cathartic. I only wonder at how I managed to firstly obtain, and secondly store so much stuff as there seems minimal space in the stores after the clearout over last year. Then I get offered 4 valve radios and I realise I have not stopped collecting the stuff really, it's just no mega deals done but a dust of odds and sods turning up all the time.

News from Faringdon

ell a load of work done and despite a spell of illness I am up to speed with my personal plan for the year. This did not involve use of Microcars but rather selling off the rest of the unwanted ones in the best condition I could reasonably manage to work them. Fiat Jolly GiardinieraFiat Jolly GiardinieraThis has been effected and I am down to just Messerschmitt and Goggomobil now. Even the last Heinkel has been traded off as I was offered a solid Fiat Jolly requiring rebuild, one of five left? To be honest, while I wanted to keep a Heinkel this very rare and valuable car could not be turned down and the Heinkel was not the model of the marque I really want to have in the collection; I want a coal scuttle boot rod change car. So the Jolly will be restored and sold at some point yielding enough cash to buy a suitable Heinkel and probably a healthy margin on top.

Sheds and Events

Following the Comtesse mayhem at Gaydon here's more Micro event news...

he invisible 'schmitters also decided not to attend the MEC Rally in Lincolnshire. Like our club night at Bretforton and Gaydon the Trojans easily outnumbered the 'schmitts despite being rarer. I had 'phone calls asking why I was not present. Inevitably I had committed to dismantle and remove a 47 1/2' by 17' oak framed garage around the time of this event but dependant on the builders. Shed Envy: Alan's Oak Garage. If sheds like this do it for you then click for more pictures.Shed Envy: Alan's Oak Garage. If sheds like this do it for you then click for more pictures.Of course in the event the job landed on that weekend so with three BUMS over four days we did the job leaving a cleared site, even taking the special bricks. The builders were waiting to tear up the concrete as soon as we were clear of the site so no margin for mucking about. This garage will hopefully rebuild with minor changes into my permanent storage facility on site and thus seeing me save £1,850 a year in storage charges — all for £3,000, a bargain. Not only that but it is a positive enhancement to the property and I can copy the construction if I decide to make a smaller version to go in the front garden. I cannot stress how great it will be to have all my cars and a rental property all gathered around my dwelling. From there one can really plan ahead for restorations and adventures instead of spending half the time running around in circles.

Popham to Gaydon --- A Micro Free Zone?

here have all the micronauts gone? So far this year it has been a story of reduced attendance at events. Is it the Crunch and Gordon Bankrupt's dissolving Government and policies? Is it that cars are being sold off in a market that seems to find certain cars selling for huge prices and others of equal merit with no takers at all? Is it because interest in micros has waned? Probably a bit of all that and more. We live in strange times.

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