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World Record Attempt at the 37th International MicroCar Rally

have been reminded that the 37th International MicroCar Rally will be taking place from the 1st to the 4th September 2011 at the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum, Calne, Wiltshire, hosted by the Bug Club, who are hoping to break the world record of the most microcars in one place.

The existing record, accepted as a world record by the Guinness Book of Records, was set on September 7th 1986 at the National MicroCar Rally, held at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford, with 185 cars present. I note that the current issue of Kabinews, the other Club's magazine lists the registration numbers of all 43 'schmitts that were in attendance back in September 1986. No 7935 MK though, which surprised me since my KR200 was in regular use back in those days. Out came the trusty 1986 diary...

Badsey Feedback

Badsey BulletBadsey Bullet

emember the item a couple of months ago that talked about the Badsey Bullet? I'm happy to report that the current owner of the Bullet, Steven Mandell, has been in contact with news of these interesting vehicles and their creator — here's his email, and my reply.


hat to write about as we head towards the end of November? Time for some musings perhaps! Firstly, though, a line or two about our AGM on Sunday 14th November 2010, whilst wishing our President's wife, Sue Hall, a speedy recovery from her recent heart problems.

Having treated us to lunch in the Oxfordshire Yeoman, we met at Roger's daughter, Jacki's home in Freeland, for our meeting, where we reflected on a year of exciting developments within the Club, not least the re-birth of Take Off. Having under-pinned the foundations of the club, we look forward building up our members' participation next year. Towards this, in order to increase our membership base especially overseas, we agreed to introduce an internet membership, which for an annual outlay of just five British pounds, will entitle members to download their copy of Take Off, thereby saving the club the time and expense of printing and mailing. At the time of writing exactly how this will be implemented is still being worked out. See elsewhere in this issue for details. The rest of our meeting was pretty much `business as usual' and we broke up shortly after 5pm having expressed our gratitude to both Roger, his daughter and her family.

Trains and Cars

Graham Taylor: aboard his '56 KR200Graham Taylor: aboard his '56 KR200

counted five Club Members at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Transport Nostalgia Day on Sunday 12th September, so I think that constitutes a `Club' event. We would have been six had our Club President, Roger, not decided (apparently) to head off to France with his wife, Sue, for ten days, at the last minute. Oh what it must be like to be carefree and retired! Just the one 'schmitt mind; club Treasurer Graham and his unusual `trim-free' KR200. Malcolm Bull came with his dark red four-seater Morgan Trike, Big Al, a `phantom' micro-car, and micro-car-less: Mark Hindell plus son Edward and your Chairman with Denise, who faced the challenge of ascending and descending the station footbridge, twice!

Classic Cars at ToddingtonClassic Cars at Toddington

As with any MEC event, fine weather was guaranteedAs with any MEC event, fine weather was guaranteed which is more than can be said of this year's DWAC rally, held in Vuren, in the Dutch Province of Gelderland over `our' Bank Holiday weekend. Although once again your Chairman missed out, Roger and Sue Hall attended and we wait with bated breath for his `report'. In the meantime, we have Roger's two sentence summary which I hope I don't get into trouble for quoting:

"The DWAC Rally was as well done as usual but the weather was dire. Much rain, torrential at times. We were in our tent which did us proud but the masses of camper vans (none larger than Lawrence's) had difficulties leaving their sodden patches!"

It's Been a While

ust over two years in fact since Gassing last appeared in Take Off. I found two abortive attempts to write one; in April and then in June 2008, before life took over! With our new Take Off, I've been 'encouraged' to take to the keyboard once more! (Technical tip: the Sachs 200 crank case halves make excellent thumb-screws — Ed)

At the Nosh 2010At the Nosh 2010I have to confess that very little has happened on the Gassing Microcar front in all that time. The last big 'three-wheeled' happening was back in August last year when Gassing's entire collection of cars, parts, tools and assorted bric-a-brac de-camped from Chipping Campden to an address in Upper Slaughter, where they returned to their respective general slumbers!

Floods of Biblical Proportions

loods of Biblical proportions continued to affect much of the Country following our Rally back on 22/24 June and continuing throughout July. Following the last 'major' downpour on Friday 20th July 2007, Stow on the Wold, the nearest town to Gassing's Rural Retreat came close to topping the league with 111mm falling!

With June's Last Gasps

reetings! With June's last gasps, all records were broken as far as rainfall is concerned. Was it such a good idea to hold our Annual National Rally over the same weekend as the Glastonbury Festival, you know, the event, first staged in 1970, known as much for its marshy conditions as for its tribute to contemporary rock!

It Feels Like Summer has Arrived Already

ello again! Half way through April and it feels like summer has arrived already! Despite fine weather and the Easter break, no stirring on the KR200 front I'm sorry to say and 7935MK's undisturbed slumber continues. My excuse is that 'Green Acres' has required a little more attention than usual as the livestock count increases and various rooted things have needed planting to avoid premature death!

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