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number of you have already commented on the absence of TAKE-OFF since the last issue was published at the beginning of May. Our regular Editor and Web-site Administrator, Mark Hindell, has been involved in a somewhat drawn-out house move during the second part of 2012 and has not been able to undertake the slightly time-consuming task of assembling material both for KaRoscene as well as TAKE-OFF. Despite his very best intentions, our Chairman, who took on the task of Guest Editor, has failed to fill Mark's shoes.

In order to assist Mark, who feels that he is unable to commit sufficient time to his Club duties for the foreseeable future, we are looking for a Content Editor.

DWAC Rally 2012 Details

he 30th DWAC Annual Rally runs from Thursday afternoon August 23rd until Sunday afternoon August 26th 2012. This year it returns to Sevenum, in the Province of Limburg, southeastern Netherlands, after a break of nine years and will be held at:

Recreatiecentrum "De Schatberg", Midden Peelweg 5, 5975 MZ SEVENUM.

The Dutch Micrcocar Rally is an extremely well organised event with a busy programme of activities and an emphasis on using your car. If you only ever go to one event in Europe, this has to be it!

May Take Off

awd, that was a slog! It's been a busy couple of months at the Hindell household (moving house, building works etc.) and I'm afraid time for Messerschmitts generally and Take Off in particular has been hard to come by, with the effect that what was intended to be the April issue has, like last year, slid back to May. However, the paper copies are now back from the printers and will hopefully go into the post this evening.

The bad news is that my current overload of projects isn't likely to ease for another few months, so editing duties are likely to continue to get lost in the stack. However, your gallant chairman (Tony) has sort of agreed (I only had to hurt him a little bit) to return to the editor's chair and give it a crack, and I'll try to lend a hand with the production and layout work as and when required.

If there are any MEC members who fancy getting into the magazine/website publishing game (it's fun, honest!) then please let me know — any offers would be much appreciated.

Going Undercover

ummaging around in a "Selling Reclaimed Goods Centre" I came across a Dutch Barn shop canopy with "Panasonic" on the cover. One frame was bent in half but the other was OK. A deal was struck of exchange for an old cupboard and cash.

Home we came with our prize and a lot of plans. The idea of this canopy was to make a cover for the Messerschmitt that could be folded back against the wall and then taken off without moving the car. It also had to be movable in a folded state if the location needed changing.

Popham Aerojumble, Autojumble, Classic Vehicle and Fly-in

Popham Airfield  2011: Hampshire UK (Nr Basingstoke)Popham Airfield 2011: Hampshire UK (Nr Basingstoke)

he Popham event is over three days with the classic car day on the Bank Holiday Monday. We were there for the three days last year but due to windy weather the Microlites etc. were unable to land Saturday and Sunday.

How I Became a Messerschmitt Owner

hile trawling around a North London auto-jumble in boiling hot sunshine (if you can remember such a day) with my Bond T-shirt on, I got into conversation with a stallholder (as you do)! The stallholder seemed to be sizing me up for a sale. Well, he was — he wanted to sell me a bubblecar that he had bought to rebuild some time previous. He had not had time to start the rebuild and during that time the engine was stored safely in the bedroom. Came the day that his wife tripped over the engine and he was given strict instructions to either build it or sell it but to get the engine out of the bedroom! He decided he could not rebuild it himself due to ill health so he decided to try to sell it at the auto-jumble.

National Microcar Rally 2011

he National Microcar Rally was hosted by the Bug Club and returned to the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum in Calne in Wiltshire, and with the weather around much of the rest of the country being, in Met Office-speak `changeable', was impressively dry and pleasant — indeed I'm told that Friday was positively hot.

Two-stroke Dispensers

Avery Hardoll: Shell-branded 2-Stroke premix dispenser.Avery Hardoll: Shell-branded 2-Stroke premix dispenser.

or many years I have owned a garage forecourt portable two-stroke dispensing pump given to me by Basil Seaney. These items follow a roughly standard design. They have about a two gallon capacity tank with a pump mechanism mounted on top which you depress to dispense a measured shot of the oil down a pipe with a sprung loaded nozzle. The better ones do not dribble and most come with suitable decals and paint to match the oil company whose product they purport to dispense.

Having had one of these dispensers I can only report that I would not be without one as you have a good container into which you can store all the loose ends and bargain two-stroke you can collect in travelling around or at autojumbles. This is far better than a stack of sticky bottles tumbling about. The dispensing is easy, either direct to the car or into a suitable container to carry in the car. To cap the whole thing you have an appreciating interesting bit of automotive heritage in use rather than as a static exhibit.

MicroNorth 2011

y wife Wendy and I hosted MicroNorth on June 17, 18 and 18th. MicroNorth is a car meet 'For any unusual vehicle with a special emphasis on Microcars'. The weather was perfect all weekend and we had a record number of vehicles in attendance. We had a total of 30 vehicles and we were joined for a short while by twelve Amphicars on Saturday morning, making a total of 42 vehicles, which is a record number of cars. We never know who or what to expect as there is no registration and no awards, so it is always interesting to see what new vehicles show up.

North West Museum of Road Transport Visit

nthusiasts from Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire teamed up their microcars with somewhat larger vehicles at the St Helens-based North West Museum of Road Transport in the summer (July 2011) parking alongside veteran double-decker buses, fire engines and a fascinating mixed bag of old commercial vehicles, including a classic milk float.

The event was one of a series of year-round special displays staged to attract visitors to the museum which is run entirely by volunteers. "It was a great day out and convenient for most of the microcar owners that we currently know about in the North West," said Alan Town, Multi Micro Owner Club member, who organised the team run-out comprising of Isetta, Trojan and Messerschmitts (TG500 and KR200) to St Helens.

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