Members' Contact Details

i everybody! Our current Membership list has been running for about 13 years now and we have become increasingly aware the some Member's contact details, may have change in that time, and we haven't been informed!

Recently, Member Kimberley Bryce, who lives in California, has been in touch requiring assistance with a Messerschmitt KR175. Kimberley used the web-site contact form, but unfortunately, her contact details, stored on-line, appear to be out of date and our reply to her message was rejected!

If Kimberley and anyone else who thinks their contact details (e-mail, postal address and 'phone number) may now be different to those that they registered when the first joined, could get in touch and give us their updated details, we would be grateful. Making sure that your contact details are up-to-date will ensure that you don't miss out on Membership mailings and also, that you can still log-in to the Club web-site, should you wish.

In addition, please get in touch if you are not sure whether you are still a Club Member or not, and we will check with our database. This would be useful since Club Membership has continued on a rolling basis, without requiring annual renewal, for several years now!

To get in touch, click here: 'Tony Yates (Honorary Secretary)' and leave a message or e-mail Tony direct at