Welcome our new Club Vice President

Our new Vice President with his KR200, presentation mat and card.Our new Vice President with his KR200, presentation mat and card.

ur Club Treasurer of more than forty years standing, finally managed to retire at our last Club AGM, held at Fend House, Pebworth, on the 26th October 2019!

To mark the occasion and his forty two years continuous service to the Club as its Treasurer, Graham was presented with a brand new Messerschmitt floor mat and a card signed by all those present. It was a remarkable day for many reasons and not only the fortitude of those who made it along, including Graham, who battled through severe flooding, often needing detours to avoid the deepest flood water and blocked roads, around Pebworth, just to be there!

We were delighted that having just 'retired', Graham agreed to be co-opted back on to the Committee and therefore able to support the rest of us with his wise council. Initially 'without portfolio', following a poll of Committee Members, we are pleased to confirm that Graham has agreed to become our Club Vice President, something of a new position in the Club, and which still needs to be defined, although the Secretary has promised Graham will not be at all arduous, nor carry any particular expectations! Graham with his KR200, a keen supporter of Drive-It Day, will continue as the Club's 'Nominated Contact' for the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).

Graham's departure from the rôle of Treasurer has left a vacancy on the Committee, which it was was agreed that the Secretary, in an acting capacity, would take on until a suitable candidate comes forward.

If you need more details, click Tony Yates (Honorary Secretary) or e-mail Tony at Secretary@Messerschmittclub.org and don't forget, if you would like to purchase a mat of your own, follow the various links to spares that you will find in KaRoscene, to place an order!