South Midlands Microcar Camping Weekend *Confirmed*

lan Hitchcock confirms that the South Midlands Microcar Camping Weekend, will be held over the weekend of Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of May 2022

He writes that all small cars and contraptions are invited, and that it will be an informal event, based at the National Trust's Fleece Inn, in Bretforton, near Evesham, where a monthly Microcar Club Night, takes place.

The Inn has an orchard which we may use as the camping area, and to firm up arrangements for those already expressing interest, the Landlord, Nigel, has re-arranged his Orchard-based outside accommodation.

There are probably up to about 20 hook-up placements available, and these will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, booked directly through The Fleece Inn, who will collect the required payments in line with the booking made. Alan is sure changes of mind will not be a problem and he is betting that a few might take an extra night as it's such a timeless place to be. See website: for contact details. In effect a hook-up plot is to be £20 a night, which Alan has been advised is a good deal for this area.

Trailers are likely going to become a nuisance in the Orchard, not just from taking up plot space, but because other customers are in the Orchard, drinking alcohol. That represents a potential accident that does not need to happen, so, a Parc Fermé has been arranged with the neighbouring landowner, who will store the trailers securely. A one off £5 is asked to cover the one-off access, for the time you are there.

Camping plots are still limited, due to space, but less of a problem as they can be fitted in where there is not a hook-up. Alan thinks that stretches to small campers/converter caravans, really, who can get in for £10 a night, but longer wheelbase campers, even though not hooked up, will need to book in and be allotted suitable space, at a value representative of the space required.

The activity plan remains, as a first event, a relatively simple set of interesting things to do over the three days. It will therefore, be slightly informal, Alan suggests, as we feel our way into what might be a regular event, and our hosts understand how we like to do things.

Regarding road runs: This area is both flat, and has rolling hills, with the Cotswold Escarpment between the two. That means steep hills to get from one to the other. Alan will attempt to go up the easier ones, but to put you straight, last time we did Saintbury Hill locally, several Bonds and a Berkeley had to have a fag break to cool down near the top. (Alan says we're not going up Saintbury this time, but he thinks we might come down it - so you will need brakes!). Alan suggests that most cars are better prepared these days, but just be aware! If we have some puddle jumpers, Alan says we will get around to that on the day!

On Friday, Alan will be arranging a simple and informal, local run out, thus, there will be little in the way timing, allowing folk to arrive as they wish, set up and still come out to where we will be, without great complication.

On Saturday, there will be the main trip out. To keep it simple, Alan has chosen to pass rather more places that can be done in a day, as visitors, thus leaving a choice, based on interest and on budget, to access what might be interesting to you. He also hope that the Evesham Vale and Cotswold Countryside, and architecture, will entrance you, as it has so many people over the years. We will be going through some of the, he quotes 'most beautiful villages in the country' and down lanes that few use. There might be a couple of surprises!

The evening is given to enjoy both The Fleece, and the immediate area. The beer is superb, the food award winning. There is also space to share outdoors, undercover, as well if it chooses to rain.

On Sunday, a similar structure of a road trip, but with an easier routing in terms of returning to Bretforton, for those who need to depart earlier than the trip out finishes. The Cotswold's main roads are good, well signposted in the main, so confusing lane returns can be avoided. Sunday night might well find a residue of those who can chose to return home on Monday, remaining. Could be a right laugh!

Wild card: The monthly South West Midlands Area Microcar Club Night, will be held on Wed 18th May, so in fact, it would be possible for any interested folks, to pitch up on Wednesday and remain on site until the weekend. If this is to be taken up, then Alan suggests that he might well do the same, and be on hand to wave his arms about, 'helpfully'!

Several people have asked about car types. Yes, it is a Microcar event, but this is more about the people and their interest, than a rule to bring a Microcar. In particular, since it is not a 'show', Scooters and Light Cars are welcome, and even big Classic Cars as visitors! The key thing is to try and have some fun with our working machinery. Alan suggests that it is more than likely he will be driving his Fairthorpe, which is not a Microcar! He simply doesn't know, yet!