Take Off is the MEC magazine which is distributed to members.

Take Off has articles from members, news and information about the club, its meetings and activities, spares and general content. We are always happy to receive any relevant articles for inclusion in the magazine.

Free Downloads

Below are links to a few issues of Take Off that are freely available to download as a taster.

If you have any articles that may be of interest please email to or post to Take Off Editor, 33 First Avenue, Amersham, Bucks. United Kingdom HP7 9BL.

Full copies of Take Off starting from February 2007 are archived on this site, and we hope to post older copies too (getting busy with the scanner) so members can find articles from the past long after the paper copy has had coffee spilt on it or been used to catch oil drips from that iffy clutch case gasket on the 'schmitt. New editions will appear here at about the same time as the paper copy goes out in the post.

In addition to Take Off, the MEC Committee Notes is a wholy electronic publication which carries news of the internal activities of the MEC committee like AGM minutes etc. — stuff to which all members (and only members) should have access but which is, let's be honest, a bit too dull to put in Take Off.

We are aware that for some time now, the links to back issues of Take Off on KaRoscene are broken so that you've not been able to download copies. The software on which the web-site runs requires a major overhaul and since there is a major new software release due soon, we are holding back. In the meantime, if you are a Club Member, would like a back issue of Take Off, please drop an e-mail to or use the contact form, stating your name and the particular issue that you require. We will then e-mail a pdf copy to you.